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Learn the language to describe any malt whisky. The tutorial you can download. The whiskies you'll probably have to buy in a bar...
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Malt Whisky tastings, tours, festival masterclasses, whisky dinners and staff training: at the heart of it all is teaching people how to unpack the smells. I don't sell whisky; I teach people how to understand it. It is easy to like or dislike a whisky but without the language it is much more difficult to say why. Most of the events I do are in hotels. There is usually some staff member telling me that they wished they understood malt whisky better. That is what the download is for. It is the written version of one of my tastings. Sit down in front of half measures of the six whiskies (they are all available globally) and work through the tutorial to learn the language.

This feedback came from a guy in Florida:

"I think you have employed your expertise well...many of the Scottish Highland Games we have here incorporate a Scotch Tasting...The course would take all of them to a much higher level...I'm having some fun."Thanks Russell.