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In February I was a guest speaker at the first Finnish Malt Whisky Festival (UISGE 2011) in Helsinki. (If you google 'Gordon Muir' first up is a doctor in London, then me. I had just gone through the gate at Heathrow when a voice behind me asked "Excuse me, is your name Muir?" He recognised the tartan of my kilt. It was him, going to speak at a medical conference in Helsinki. And we knew of each other. The ludicrous chance of that happening still makes me smile.)

In March I was back in Groningen for the North Netherlands Whisky Festival www.wfnn.nl. Last year I did two classes, live versions of the download. This year I did the same but added two more classes. In these I taught how to identify the fruity smells in whiskies. None of the other speakers gave more classes than me. And all my classes sold out. The fruity classes were the fastest selling of all the tastings at the festival.

I'll be back at both festivals next year. And both invites were a direct result of the download.