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For smaller events I have everyone sitting in front of six whiskies. I take them through how whisky is made and then relate that to the smells of the whiskies. I take them back and forward through the smells using the similarities and differences to unpack the smells. (Even smell is relative.) Then I cover the tastes and textures. Some whiskies are oilier than others. The download is the written version of this.

And this was the feedback from one:

"Just wanted to drop you a short note to thank you for your fabulous tasting session at the Gordon Highlanders our client loved it and we hope that we can secure his conference soon." Thanks Charlotte.

For bigger events I do things festival style.

I have a long table with whiskies on it, myself and some of my team behind it. Each attendee has one glass and they work their way along the table. At each whisky they receive a sample and learn something different about malt whisky. (How to identify the fruitiness, what causes the different textures, the effect of different casks etc) By the end they have an overview of the subject.

And this was the feedback from one:

"Good morning Gordon,

The guys are still buzzing with what a great night they had. .. The format worked really well and everyone was really impressed by how knowledgeable both you and Colin were. It was very relaxed and there was plenty of time to enjoy both the venue and the whisky." Thanks Kath.

My team all have a wine/whisky background and they are all used to working festivals. I take them through the download tasting first. Then, once they understand my approach, it is easy to slot in extra whiskies and they know exactly what I want them to talk about. There are eight of them so we can easily handle up to 300 people.